Choosing your hair stylist is a big deal.  I’ve walked into salons before and gone with ‘whoever was available’ and it has not ended well- and what I get done to my hair is not even anything special! In my honest opinion, there’s a lot more to just deciding on a stylist who will be responsible for giving you the exact look you are going for.  Here’s what to look for when choosing your hair stylist:


The Location

We are all busy.  Whether you are juggling kids and a career, you are a wanderlust traveler, or you are a university student trying to get through stacks of readings… life is just busy!  When the magical calendar reminder pops up about your hair appointment “tomorrow”, the last thing you should be doing is planning out your entire day around your hair.  If your salon is 45 minutes away and parking is a disaster, suddenly your 2 hour highlights are 5 hour highlights with travel time included.  Do yourself a favour and find a salon that you can get to and from quickly to free up the rest of the hours in your day!


The Salon

There is something to be said for 2 hours in a salon chair, with someone ‘playing’ with your hair.  It’s all just kind of luxurious.  The sitting part. The nothing-else-to-do down time part. The playing-with-your-hair part.  It’s a real treat.  Being in an environment for that period of time that makes you feel like the queen that you are is, in my mind, non-negotiable.  Part of what I adore about the salon I go to, Hairology, is that it is adorned wth chandeliers, there’s nice music playing, I get served tea and cookies- it’s just all round a lovely experience.


Hairology salon and spa west vancouver


I originally found my hair stylist because I had been recommended to see Jaimee, Beauty Lash and Brow Co., for microblading.  You can read all about my microblading experience with Jaimee HERE.  In short, she has earned the reputation as the go-to gal for all-things lashes and brows on the North Shore.  Beauty Lash & Brow Co. is conveniently located WITHIN my hair salon!  Knowing you can get a lash lift AND a root lift done all in one morning is pretty much priceless.  A salon that offers multiple services is golden.  Go there.  Trust me.


Personal Recommendations

Seeing your friend’s new do and thinking “that’s what I want done to MY hair” is a great way of finding a new stylist.  Hopefully your friend shares her secrets with you ;). As luck may have it, my career is guiding friends and my online community in the direction of places, services and products that I am sure they are going to love!  I count my lucky stars every day that this is what I get to do for a living.  I feel more than confident every time I recommend Hairology to people that I care about, whether I know them in real life or just online.  Some of you reading this now go to Hairology and love it.  That makes me soooo happy!



Some stylists are super popular and that creates a kind of frenzy to ‘get in’ with them.  The problem being that when you wake up one morning and decide you really need your roots done, you find yourself faced with a 2 month wait to get in with your ‘girl’ or ‘guy’. Find a stylist that is AMAZING at what they do (see below!) and know that they will gladly book you in when it works for YOU.


The Work!

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!  After your first appointment with your new stylist, you should walk out of that salon feeling like a million bucks.  That’s exactly how I felt after my first session with Diana at Hairology and it is how I feel very single time I leave the salon.  The proof should be in the pudding when it comes to your hair.  I don’t even have to tell Diana what to do to my hair anymore, she just KNOWS.  Life is too short to have to think/worry about these things, so let your stylist take it off your plate.


5 things to consider when choosing your hair stylist

My hair after my first session with Diana.


I hope this post is helpful in helping you choose the right stylist. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about Hairology, so fire me a message any time!

xo Jessica

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I receive complimentary services from Hairology Salon and Spa in exchange for helping to spread the good word about their business.