Almost a year ago, the world lost Jim Gibbons. My dad. The void has been palpable for so many. I still have friends and family tell me how much this is affecting them and I really get it. My dad was larger than life. This morning, I got proof of his larger-than-life-ness.


I had a full conversation with him just as I was on the verge of waking up this morning.


It seems impossible to me that someone can be here and then gone but I’ve always believed so strongly that our energies never leave this world. Finally, I felt my dad’s energy 10 months after his vessel stopped working and his body left us.


As I sit here typing this out, still laying in bed, tears are pouring down my face. It felt so good, so so so good, to feel my dad so close after he went so far away.


Here’s what happened: I could feel myself starting to wake up and before I could open my eyes, it felt like something was physically weighing them shut. I didn’t even have time to wonder about it when I was suddenly standing beside my dad. He was standing beside me with his giant grin that he was known for. It felt like home.


Now that I’m processing it a bit more, my dad never actually spoke but it was somehow still a conversation. I’d tell him all about the the girls and our new house and what I’ve been thinking for my business and he’d reciprocate with his smile and his body language. I asked him if he was ok and he nodded. That was enough reassurance for me to wake up, I guess, because suddenly it was all over.


My dad knows me well enough to have waited this long. He knows how emotional and sensitive I am and, even a year later, this was still almost ‘too much’. (Still crying as I type.) I guess that’s why it took this long for us to connect but, dad, I hope you come again sooner than later because I really miss you.


Love you ❤