Probably the question I get asked the most about being a blogger is what exactly do I ‘do’.  I get a lot of, “soooo… is this your actual job?  Like, do you make money?”. I get a lot of “what exactly does it MEAN to be a blogger?”  Mostly I get a whole lot of “but what do you DO?” with all sorts of quizzical facial expressions and body language.  I get it.  It can all seem so foreign.  I am super open though, so today I want to share with you what a typical day in the life of a blogger looks like.  (Or, at least, a typical day FOR ME!)

As a single mom to two young kids, f l e x i b i l i t y is a concept I try and incorporate into my life as much as possible.  I feel super fortunate that I am building a business (and lifestyle) for myself where I can attempt to balance work with family and SELF as much as possible.  Being self-employed is not as glamorous as it can seem though.  For the first few years of running my blog and social platforms, I worked mostly alone which can feel quite isolating. I’ve recently been working more with fellow blogger and friend, Samantha Dempster, which has made work so much more fun as I’m a people person, for sure.  (And on that note, stay tuned for an exciting announcement that I can’t wait to share!)

So, what DO my days look like? What DO I do?  Here’s what a day in the life of a blogger MIGHT look like.  I say ‘might’ because, just like individual brands, we bloggers are all individual entities and we all do things differently.  This is what my typical days look like.

Depending on whether I have my girls with me or not (their dad and I have joint-custody), many days start with getting the kids ready for school, getting lunches made and backpacks packed and then piling into the car for school drop-off. My goal is that by 10am each morning, I am fully ready for the day (showered, kitchen cleaned, house tidied, etc) so that when I sit down to work from my home, I am not feeling like I have other things to do.  It helps me to focus and be more productive. It’s really hard for me to work if I can see a mess when I look up from my computer screen. To ensure I am ready to go by 10am, I wake up every morning at 7am to hit the ground running.

When I am finally at my desk (and for now dining room table because I have yet to set up my home office), I will have a solid 4 hours to work on the days I have my kids.  If you run your own business, you will know that 4 hours feels like 20 minutes with everything that you need to get done. Now here’s the biggest catch with this whole blogging career.  No two days are EVER the same.  I love this about what I do, but it’s also hard to not have a little more consistency in my life.

Some days, I know my focus needs to be emails because I’ll have fallen desperately behind on correspondences.  Other days, I’ll have a photoshoot planned for a campaign I’m working on, which will sometimes take up an entire work day depending on where the shoot is taking place and the scope of it.  Other days yet, I’ll be running around Greater Vancouver meeting with prospective clients or picking up products for upcoming shoots or attending media events or firing off pitches to PR contacts or brands to keep a constant stream of partnerships (and income) flowing.  Some days, all these things happen all in the same day. It’s always different. It’s always CRAZY busy, but it’s also what I discovered is my passion and dream job.

One thing that I am not always able to is fit in physical exercise, even though taking care of myself in that way is super important to me. I wish so badly that I had the hours and the ability to get to the gym or to a spin class every day, but it’s just not my reality.  Because of this, I am always looking for ways to keep myself healthy especially on days (during entire weeks!) that I am unable to workout.  I eat as healthy as possible and my most recent discovery for feeling great from the inside out is adding a scoop of Sproos collagen into my morning latté every day.

a day in the life of a blogger

a day in the life of a blogger

a day in the life of a blogger

I’ve known that collagen is something I should be taking daily but it wasn’t until my hair stylist pointed out how full my hair felt at my last appointment that I realized how important collagen really is- not just for my hair, but for my whole body.  The founders of Sproos came to this same conclusion which is why they created this high quality product line.

Just a few of the things that Sproos collagen helps with:

  • reduces risk of joint deterioration
  • improves skin elasticity
  • visibly improves skin tone and appearance
  • reduces fine lines
  • hydrates and smoothes dry, brittle hair
  • optimizes immune function
  • helps maintain integrity & functionality of the intestines

a day in the life of a blogger

a day in the life of a blogger

a day in the life of a blogger

Aside from all Sproos products being non-GMO, gluten free, paleo + keto friendly, sustainably sourced, BPA free, free from added sugars, fillers or artificial ingredients… Sproos collagen dissolves easily in both hot and cold beverages.  I either add a scoop to my coffee, to a glass of water or to a smoothie.  It’s too easy NOT to be incorporating into my day. 

Finding little ways like this to make myself feel good really helps to control the chaos that I sometimes feel swirling around me.  For all the things I CAN’T get done in  day, knowing I am getting something so good into my body is a really good balancing point for me.

In a nutshell, this is a day in my life.  If you have been thinking about getting into the world of blogging, I say GO FOR IT.  The learning curve is steep but it’s all really exciting.  If you have any blogging questions, leave them in the comments below and I will try to answer as best as I can 😉

a day in the life of a bloggerShhh… There’s collagen in my coffee. 

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