About Real Life Styled

Before launching into Real Life Styled and how it all came about, I’d like to take a minute to thank you for being here.  You’ve either purposely or accidentally landed on my site and I am so happy that you found my little online corner.  So, THANK YOU!

My name is Jessica Gibbons and, while I have been blogging elsewhere for over 5 years, Real Life Styled is where you will now find me. You may or may not know me from my North Shore Mama days. NorthShoreMama.ca is where I got my start in the world of blogging and in the role of an online influencer.

While North Shore Mama was focussed more on parenting young children, Real Life Styled is where I feel I have the opportunity to express myself in a new way.  My kids are getting older and I am respecting their privacy as well as their lack of interest in being in as many photographs as they used to be.  You’ll still see them ocassionally popping up on my Instagram feed and here, but less and less until they express more desire to be included.

Motherhood has absolutely shaped me, but it also doesn’t define me entirely.  Surely, I’m not alone in feeling this way. Real Life Styled is an opportunity for me to explore the other parts my life and to simultaneously share them with you!

I’d love for you to follow my journeys in style, world travel, and all the elements that make life as beautiful as it is.  As a glass half full kinda woman, you are in the right place if positivity is your thing! Let’s have some fun together!

For inquires regarding campaigns, collaborations, partnerships or to request a media kit, please email: jessica@reallifestyled.ca.

xo Jessica