At a close tie with the kitchen, I have always felt that the most important room in the house in the master bedroom.  It’s the place where you get to reconnect and recharge and it SHOULD feel like a little safe-haven.  I’ve been in my current house for 6 months now and, I’m embarrassed to say that, it wasn’t quite feeling “complete”.  In partnership with MUJI, I styled my ideal bedroom and am now sharing some easy ways to update your bedroom to make it your dream bedroom.

easy ways to update your bedroom

As you can see in the BEFORE image, I was really starting with a blank canvas. What’s amazing is that I didn’t think I had very much space on the sides of our bed, but I proved myself very wrong.  The addition of a few key pieces REALLY transformed it.  If you are looking to turn your bedroom into a little sanctuary, here are some tips and tricks!  I have linked to the MUJI website for all the home decor that can be purchased there.

Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom

1. Area rug

Even the smallest of carpets will warm up the room, so incorporating a runner or area rug along the side of your bed is a great place to start. PLUS, it’s always nice to have something soft to step down onto in to the morning when the floors are cold. If you choose a neutral colour, it will match any bedding you go for and it’s easiest to work around.

easy ways to update your bedroom

2. Seating

Whether you go for a little bench or a chair, like the one I chose, this becomes a space to put on shoes, read, or hang your clothes for the morning. It is also just lovely aesthetically. This chair doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t disrupt the flow of the space.

easy ways to update your bedroom

3. Art

I kept it simple here and added a print in a clear frame.  This frame is just the coolest! You can easily swap out prints to keep switching up the look/feel of your space while keeping the focus on the art itself.

easy ways to update your bedroom

4. Storage

The storage options at MUJI are next level and I’ve recently purchased some for the rest of my house, but I decided to keep it simple for the bedroom.  I placed a small metal shoe rack in the corner of the room to access the shoes you’d wear most and to free up some space in the closet.

5. Greenery

I have the world’s brownest thumb so adding live plants in my home is always a risk.  With proper care though, having some greenery in the bedroom gives it instant life.  (And I bet you had no idea MUJI sells live plants, did you?- I didn’t!).

6. Nightstand details

While I wanted to keep my nightstand uncluttered, I added some items that I deem as essentials! A diffuser with my favourite oils, some reading material and a little dish to hold all the jewelry I take off at the end of the day.  It’s the little details that ma

easy ways to update your bedroom

So, there we have it.  Some quick and easy ways to update your bedroom and all the items conveniently found in one store- MUJI Canada.  We pulled all these pieces from the Robson St. store and if you haven’t been in yet, you REALLY must go! There are, somewhere in the range of, 4,000 products in-store.  It’s quite incredible!

To get a idea of the wide range of products MUJI offers, check out the Holiday Gift Guides that Samantha (The Family Jewels) and I put together.  These items are not holiday specific and would make for great gifts all-year round for family/friends or yourself!

Want to see how Samantha styled HER bedroom?  Hers is quite different that mine, even though we both used items exclusively from MUJI.  Go HERE to check out her bedroom updates. You should see what she did with this space.  👌🏼

easy ways to update your bedroom

If you’re unsure of where to start with updates in any room of your house, MUJI has an in-store designer who will use the dimensions of your room and help you with your design goals.  It’s an amazing service that is accessible to everyone!

Thank you to MUJI for this great opportunity to collaborate and create some beautiful spaces using MUJI products.

Photography: The ever-talented Kristin of Studio 86 Design