We’ve been waiting all year long for it, and it has finally arrived.  SUMMER!!  We also moved recently, which you likely noticed if you follow my Instagram stories.  We’re now living a few steps from one of my best friends and 3 blocks from another of my best friends.  I’ve always loved the idea of being ‘THE house’ where everyone comes together and I feel that becoming a potential reality now.  Because of this, we plan on hosting A LOT at our place this summer and I also plan on always being ready to serve my family food and drinks at any given time.  PC Insiders Collection and Loblaws City Market are making this really easy to attain!

Having quick and healthy snacks on hand is an absolute essential when there are growing kids (or hungry neighbours) around. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I absolutely adore when plans happen spontaneously.

Planning the perfect picnic

According to a survey recently conducted by PC, the majority of Canadian parents agree that sometimes we need to deviate from the plan to create lasting memories for our families – with 78% of Canadian parents wishing they could be more spontaneous in the summer.

We popped into the Loblaws City Market at Park Royal the other day to pick up some grab-and-go items from PC Insiders Collection to make sure we were READY for whatever (or whoever!) happened over the long weekend.  It’s not always easy to be spontaneous but I feel lucky that many of my friends feel the same as I do about letting go of some of the typical routines that are kept during the rest of the year.  I’m all for the later evenings in the park and the longer sleep-ins in the morning.  That’s how we grew up and I want nothing more than for my kids to have the same kind of childhood memories as we did.

Did you know 74% of Canadian parents agree they wish their kids could experience the same unplanned experiences that they did as a child?

The PC Insiders Collection has so many choices that make creating unplanned, memorable moments easy for us busy parents. Not to mention, their products are fresh and affordable.

My family always shops for PC products because we love the variety and the quick and easy options, especially when your dinner guests are sometimes picky eaters 😉

We’ve been enjoying everything from the PC Axiany Tomatoes to the strawberry lemonade infused with fresh strawberries in this awesome pitcher that is plastic and PERFECT for bringing along on a picnic (in case you’re looking for one!) My signature appy for potlucks and picnics is bocconicini, cherry tomatoes and basil on skewers. They’re easy to make, transport and eat.  The PC Axiony tomatoes used were super sweet and firm, which is a MUST if I am going to eat tomatoes. I’ve also been sneaking in a PC SKYR Lactose-Free Frozen Yogurt bar (or two- oops) to beat the heat in the warm evenings, but shhhh… don’t tell the kids!

Head over to www.pc.ca to check out all of the products and tips to make embracing the unexpected easy and convenient this summer!

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