A few weeks ago, I posted on my social channels that I had some exciting news to share.  The reason I couldn’t share quite at that moment was because logistics were still being sorted out (and I didn’t want to jinx the situation).  I promise I wasn’t trying to cryptic or annoying.  We just didn’t have all the i’s dotted and and the t’s crossed yet when it came to the paperwork. But I CAN share NOW, as it is set in stone…


Eek! Even just typing it out right now brought back all the excitement for me.  I’ve lived in the same home for 9 years. It’s a wonderful home.  It has a huge sunny backyard and was newly renovated when we moved into it.  Both my babies are born-and-raised in this home. (More on my feelings around this later.)  It’s an easy home to keep clean as it’s under 1500 sq. ft and all on one level. It’s actually quite the perfect home and I know it will bring the next family so much joy.

So, why am I so excited about the move? The move is so much more to me than just a new place to rest our heads.  The move represents the closing of one chapter of my life and the beginning of a new one.  So many beautiful moments make up our current house, but a lot has also happened in the last 2 years (my marriage ending and the loss of my dad, most notably) and this house lost a lot of its emotional worth for me.  It became a bit more of a building than a HOME. It  feels like it is time to move forward and create a new space with some new memories with new people to fill our home with love.

We aren’t moving far, but it feels like a big step.  I’m mostly excited but there are moments every day where I feel little twinges of anticipated nostalgia of my life for the last (almost) decade. The kids may very well be more excited than I am that we are moving, which is a huge positive, but… this, here, is the place of all our newborn sleepless nights. This is the place of all the baby cuddles and all the baby sounds.  This is the place of first teeth and first steps.  This was the place of new beginnings that turned to endings I could not have imagined.

It’s time for a fresh start, but not without a slightly heavy heart.  The beautiful thing about life is that it keeps moving forward and it encourages us to move forward too.  I cannot wait to show you the new place.

xo Jessica