I am notorious for feeling cold.   Part of that likely has to do with my circulation, but what I’m chalking it up to mostly is not wearing the ‘appropriate’ winter gear in the winter.  I like to pretend Spring is just around the corner the minute Summer comes to an end, so I’m going to assume my clothing choices- and maybe more so my winter jacket choices- have a lot to do with how chilled I usually feel.

This recent acceptance and understanding has lead me to make more reasonable selections when picking out my outfits, especially on days where I am headed outside or up to the local BC mountains. While we don’t experience nearly the same levels of cold in Vancouver as our friends out in Eastern Canada, we get that damp cold here that penetrates to the bone.

Your outer-most layer here makes as much a difference as wherever else you may find yourself and the right winter jacket is KEY!  When I slid into this PARAJUMPERS jacket, I knew I had been missing the mark when it comes to winter coats.  The warmth is instantaneous.


Choosing a Winter Jacket

There are a few things to be considered when making a bigger investment in an article of clothing such as a winter jacket.


If the jacket you have your eye on costs $100, there’s a very good chance it will last you one winter season (tops!).  While those are usually fun and stylish wardrobe additions, the quality you are seeking for a solid winter coat is not going to be the best it can be.  The cost of the jacket isn’t necessarily the deciding factor, but the price tag does often reflect the quality of the  materials used and the production process of the coat.  Don’t skimp in this area if you’re looking for a jacket to last you many years to come!


There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a coat.  You know, when you can’t move your arms properly or your hood doesn’t stay up… those kinds of coat-related discomforts.  You want a jacket that doesn’t feel bulky or that doesn’t weigh you down and, more importantly, you want to feel comfortable in temperature.  Not too hot and not too cold. (Mostly not too cold!!!)  These are all questions to ask yourself when buying a winter jacket.


Let’s be honest- you aren’t going to wear a jacket you don’t love the look and feel of. It’s just not going to happen!  When choosing a winter jacket that will be the top layer to your other cute layers underneath the coat, make sure it suits your style.  There’s no reason to pick a coat ‘just because’ it’s warm when there are brands that work hard to make coats warm AND beautiful!  I typically go for black jackets, but am loving this wenge (deep purple) PARAJUMPERS coat so much.  It goes with everything I wear!


PARAJUMPERS is a luxury, Italian outerwear brand sold at high-end retailers across Canada such as: Nordstrom, Harry Rosen, Sporting Life and more. PARAJUMPERS was born in 2005, when designer Massimo Rossetti found his inspiration in a bar in Anchorage, Alaska. This is where he met a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron, an elite U.S. military corps trained for extreme rescues known by the nickname “PARAJUMPERS”. Each item in the collection is inspired by original military designs and even carries over details such as hooks and parachute clips, which embody the true spirit of the brand.

Check out #MyParajumpers, #PJSFriends and #PJSCanada on Instagram to get a great feel for what PARAJUMPERS is all about!


This post is in partnership with PARAJUMPERS. All opinions are my own.