When you see a woman with abnormally amazing eyebrows these days, the chances are high that she’s had her brows microbladed.  Very high!

I know that I, myself, have been admiring people’s perfectly sculpted brows, wondering HOW ON EARTH they get them to look like that… only to find out (every single time) that they did microblading.  I assumed for the longest time that this meant doing that old-school version of tattooing where you end up with blue eyebrows in 5 years.  It’s not the same thing, you guys.  Breathe easy!

So what IS microblading?

Microblading or “feathered brows” is a semi-permanent form of tattooing.  Pigment is implanted under the skin in hair like strokes to look like natural hair. This is great for people who are looking for fuller brows, people who have little to no eyebrow hair or are looking for more of a clean well manicured brow.

I am in that last category.  I actually have pretty dark eyebrow hairs but I have gaps in my brows which needed to be filled in to give a more ‘consistent’ look.  I’m going to go right ahead and blame the tadpole eyebrow trend from the 2000’s that caused me (and likely you as well! 😛 ) to over-pluck my eyebrows so much so that the hairs don’t grow back in some areas anymore.  Sad panda.

LUCKILY- microblading fills in those gaps in a very natural looking way.  Let me show you what Jaimee of Beauty Lash and Brow Co. did for me.

That is MY before/after!  I went from unruly brows that had to be filled in every morning to brows that are wake-up-and-leave-the-house ready.  It saves me an odd amount of time in the A.M.  It’s a dream.

The process takes about 2 hours from start to finish.  It begins with the application of a numbing cream on your brows.

There I am taped-up and getting numbed-up before the microblading itself.  Next, the perfect tint is selected.  Jaimee, owner and microblader-extraordinaire of Beauty Lash and Brow Co. based out of West Vancouver is a perfectionist (and believe me- that’s what you want with someone doing this procedure!).  We tested a few colours against my skin tone and natural brow colour and she decided we needed to actually create a mix of a couple of the colours to get just the right one.

Nailed it with the one directly between my eyes.  After I was nice and numb, the colour had been chosen, and the shape had been decided, it was time for Jaimee to get to work.

Jaimee uses a brand new blade for every single client.  She uses brand new everything for each new client. She is a CERTIFIED technician and her space is immaculate.  All very important things to consider when booking a treatment such as this one.

Click here to see my eyebrows 2 weeks post-microblading.

If you have been considering getting your own brows microbladed, spend some time on Jaimee’s Instagram feed checking out her before/after photos.  Jaimee had already come highly recommended to me but what sold me was seeing her work.

Make sure you are following me on Instagram as well (HERE!) because I am going for my 4 week touch-up appointment soon and I will make sure to share on my Instagram Stories for you all to see!

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary microblading service from Beauty Lash and Brow Co. in exchange for helping Jaimee to spread the good word about her business.