We just spent a blissful summer holiday in Summerland, BC. Summerland is situated about 45 minutes outside of Kelowna and is a popular tourist destination in the summer for many reasons.

The main reason we like to holiday in Summerland (and in the Okanagan area in general) is that it is only a four-hour drive from Vancouver, eliminating the need to get on planes, trains, or boats, and it feels like you have really arrived somewhere so different than Vancouver.

There is a lot to do in the Okanagan area and each neighboring city offers its own unique charm. It is an amazing getaway whether you are single or you are bringing a whole family in tow. I have compiled a list of things that to see and do in the Okanagan, some still on my own bucket list, with the hopes of helping you to create your own bucket list as well.

The Giant Peach

Right on the beachfront in Penticton is the infamous Giant Peach.  It doubles as a snack stand for beach-goers and it is a fun attraction to check out!


Arguably, one of the main reasons to visit the Okanagan is for all their renowned wines. Spending a day (or 4) touring the vineyards is what many travel there to do.  Quite a few of the wineries have restaurants on their properties, to add to the tasting experience. Make sure to map out which wineries you do not want to miss, as there are A LOT!

Wine tasting at Perseus Winery in Naramata

Lake days

To be honest, this is what we did the most of on our recent trip to the Okanagan.  With 2 kids, ages 4 and 6 years old, sand castles, boating, fishing off the dock and lounging in the shade was our focus.  One of the most incredible things about the Okanagan is the warm lake water and the many beaches and access points for swimming.

Summerland Sweets (and other treats)

We have our favourite go-to spots now in Summerland (and surrounding area) for ice cream and baked goods.  Summerland Sweets and Tickelberries are both amazing for ice cream and for delicious baked goods and coffee, we like to hit up Bliss Bakery and The Beanery.

The Kangaroo Farm

Sadly, we didn’t quite make it to the Kangaroo Farm this time around. Well, we made it, but they are closed for a few hours in the middle of the day and we just so happened to arrive in that window of time. Sigh. We’ve now added it back onto our Okanagan bucket list for next time.

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