Recently, I was asked to share what ‘a day in the life of’, well, ‘ME’ looks like. A day in the life of a 30-something-woman (and mother of 2) living on the North Shore.  It was an opportunity I jumped at, because I thought it would be a lot of fun. What I didn’t realize was that it would also lead to reflection on what my life looks like and how lucky I feel with how things are playing out for myself and my family.

Truthfully, it all starts with where I feel fortunate enough to live. This video says it all!

Growing up on the North Shore myself, and now raising my kids on the North Shore, is something I am grateful for. In my mind, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to live where we do. I even moved away to Vancouver Island for a few years, thinking I needed to ‘get off the North Shore’… only to find myself right back here and appreciating it with renewed passion.

Passion for the ability to be in the mountains and walking by the ocean in the same day. Passion for the quaintness of a quieter city within the bigger city of Vancouver. Shopping local or shopping bigger brands, fueling my passion for fashion. Passion for the proximity to my family so my kids can grow up close to their relatives.

Why I Love Where I Live real life styled

This is the place to be.

There’s a lot of a passion that I feel for where we live. That leads to feeling a true sense of community. In the disjointedly-connected world we live in these days, belonging to a physical community is so important. Here are some of the reasons I love life on the North Shore so much:


With local mountains Cypress, Grouse and Seymour all within 20 minutes, the winter and summer outdoor activities are limitless. We love to hike Grouse in the summer and the kids go to ski camp there in the winter.  Anywhere in the Lonsdale neighbourhood is within walking distance to being oceanside… one of life’s luxuries!


Working out and staying healthy is very important to me and something that I hope to instill in my children as well. In the Lonsdale area, and surrounding neighbourhoods, there is no lack of choice for all the incredible workout facilities and independent studios. Whether it’s a day for a spin class or some TRX training, it’s all available and easily accessible.


Our mama-nights-out often lead us straight to Lonsdale. No matter what kind of outing it is- glass of wine with a friend, big group dinner for date night, cozy bowl of soup on a rainy day… Lonsdale has an amazing selection of restaurants.

Why I Love Where I Live real life styled

All photos: Shaheed Devji, Jelly Marketing

Why I Love Where I Live real life styled

Tap & Barrel – North Vancouver

As for the shopping… my guilty pleasure-shhh… there are independent shops and big brands alike all nearby. It’s dangerous, really.

Why I Love Where I Live real life styled

Why I Love Where I Live real life styled

Unity Clothing- North Vancouver


The Vancouver real estate market is crazy, in the best of times. I think, by reading the points above, it’s evident why living here is so desirable. Most of us are looking at the condo lifestyle these days, as we love to enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer. There are BEAUTIFUL developments being built, like Crest on 8th and Lonsdale. With 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats and 2 bedroom city homes available, imagine all that was listed above being right in your backyard. Literally!

Why I Love Where I Live real life style

Crest by Adera – North Vancouver


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Video credit- Shaheed Devji 
-shot on Lonsdale, North Vancouver
-workout at Lagree West
-lunch at Rosemary Rocksalt
-shopping at Unity Clothing
-drinks at Tap &  Barrel

Thank you to Adera Development Corp. for sponsoring this post on why I love living on the North Shore as much as I do.